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The bills setting the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery scholarship amounts are about to go through the House and Senate.

$5,000 is a pretty great scholarship amount (that’s for 4 year students). One great thing about the proposal is that current college students will be able to apply for some of the scholarship money – with rising tuition costs, this provides another avenue for college students to stay in school.

Can’t wait to see how this program works out.


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Did anybody bet to see Sarah Palin on Tuesday? It is looking more and more like she is going to try to run for President. I like Sarah, but I hope she decides not to run.

Also, I caught a clip of State Senator Gilbert Baker on the Strategy Room today. Check it out. He explains why federal gov’t needs a balanced budget law – and I totally agree.

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Five straight wins…

Also, Debra Medina’s now famous 9/11 truther moment on Glenn Beck (a la Hotair): “I think some very good questions have been raised in that regard…. I think the American people have not seen all the evidence there….”

My favorite part though, is when Glenn asked if she would disavow people associated with her campaign who were Truthers. Her answer? “That’s a federal issue, we’re very focused on issues in Texas….”

Debra Medina: exactly what everyone thought she was. An unelectable fringe of the tea-party candidate. Good luck, Texas.

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Good intentions.

The church members left this Boise suburb the night of Jan. 21 in an SUV, towing a U-Haul trailer full of children’s clothes and diapers for the Haitian orphans they expected to rescue.

On Tuesday, the 10 Americans were in a Haitian jail, awaiting a hearing to determine whether they would be charged for what officials there contend was attempted kidnapping and child trafficking. The group — which has said it intended only to provide shelter and care in the neighboring Dominican Republic — was stopped at the border Friday night with 33 children, many of whom turned out not to be orphans.

Emphasis added. Link.

Sometimes good intentions can lead to really stupid actions. It seems like these people weren’t even thinking about what they were doing. There is a proper process for setting up non-profit organizations (even in poor countries, people), especially when it comes to¬†stealing working with children. I wonder if these people even had experience running something like an orphanage in the states.

I sure hope not.

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