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Hope everyone’s excited about Saturday!


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This from Ben Smith a few days ago – SEIU has shown support for Lt. Gov. Bill Halter (although it has not endorsed him for the Senate race) by helping to eliminate his campaign debt from the Lt. Gov.’s race. They also began airing ads against Gilbert Baker, the Republican who won the straw poll a couple of weeks back.


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Mr. Huckabee

Governor Huckabee apparently defended the release of Clemmons today.

The Seattle Times story above says that he is worried the backlash over Clements will prevent other governors from granting clemency. I share that concern, but I am surprised that the Governor is talking about this at all – it has hurt him so much politically already that people are saying he can’t run in 2012. Yet here he is defending it – when he doesn’t really have to. I like you, Governor Huckabee, but just leave the Clemmons thing alone!

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“Two University of Arkansas students who were allegedly selling reptiles — including a rattlesnake and a baby alligator — out of their dorm room have been put out of business.”
This isn’t a joke.

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Straw Poll

GOP Straw Poll for the Senate race happened yesterday – Gilbert Baker took the win.

Check it out:
CW Arkansas
Arkansas Times
Tolbert Report

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